What if we turned our token into a religion?
Maybe we wouldn't have to pay taxes.

SNAKE 69:420

About The Toad Church

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Welcome To The Toad Church

The Toad Church was founded on April 9th of 2021. In this day Toad Guy and Snake Plisken were working as usual when they noticed a strong smell of cigarretes and alcohol in the air, and right after that a small golden toad acended from the sky. The cute animal altough a bit drunk and disoriented, told them: "You have to praise the toad".

Toad Guy quickly complained: You smell like shit dude!

To which the creature replied:
"I may smell like crap
But the Toad you have to praise
If you want a good swap
The believers have to raise"

Praise to convert non-believers into believers

When you praise, the church smart contract sends a small amount of TOAD to 10 active addresses that don't hold any TOAD(non-believers). By praising you're not only increasing the number of TOAD believers(holders), but also helping to spread the word.

Toad Donated
Toad Sent

Latest Memes & Preachings

I'm a man of god and I require a community of holy men to invest properly!

Scar in Toad Network Telegram
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Sminem, Our Saviour

By Toad Guy on April 2021

I’ll bet you 10 toad that it will make it to 100 sometime within 2 months, and if it doesn’t I’ll drink my own pee. I’m that confident

Mech Hands in TOAD's telegram

Holy fuck guys I'm so fucking drunk. The great vodka bottle is telling me we are gonna make it

Atg in TOAD's Telegram
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Toad angels ascending to the sky

By Amargo Dev Argus on April 13 2021

In this beautiful piece, the toadist painter Amargo Dev Argus portrays the 5 thousend toads that were burned after Toad.network launched. He represented them as angels to honor their sacrifice to reduce TOAD's circulating supply. Toadists believe they will come back to bring us a big green dildo.

Make an offering to help the church

When you make an offering, you are donating a certain amout of TOAD to the church smart contract, that TOAD is going to be used by the church to convert non-believers when users praise.